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Instrumental Peace of Mind

Roger King, a musical instrument builder from Louisville, Ky., visited Lindsey Wilson College recently to showcase some of his creations in the lobby of the Begley Gallery in the Slider Arts & Humanities Center. King met with students, faculty, and guests to discuss the finer points of building musical instruments and the careful selection of wood that goes into the process. He also discussed the history of the dulcimer and entertained his audience with several songs. Some of King's instruments will remain on display in the lobby of the Begley Gallery until May. Photo by Sabrina Ruiz.

An audience member samples the sound of an Appalachian dulcimer King built. Photo by Jenna George.

Roger King discusses the importance of wood selection when building a musical instrument. Photo by Catherine Overshiner.

A sampling of instruments made by Roger King is on display until May in the lobby of the Lucretia Begley Gallery on the campus of Lindsey Wilson College. Photo by Sabrina Ruiz.


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