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Great Strife

Great Strife

(A Poem About Natural Gas)

By Noah Flowers

The Fernandina Beach power plants in Florida, known for burning coal, biomass, natural gas, and oil, seen from Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. (Photo by Noah Flowers, 2023)

In the vast fields of shale,

Beneath the earth, a hidden tale,

Lies a resource of power and heat,

Natural gas, with promises sweet.

In recent news, it has been said,

That natural gas has been widely spread,

Its production, a booming industry,

With energy needs, it offers a remedy.

But with its extraction, comes great strife,

Environmental concerns, a struggle for life,

Fracking, the process that's often used,

Leaves the earth and water, permanently abused.

The greenhouse gas emissions, a cause for alarm,

Contributing to climate change and its harmful charm,

Yet, natural gas is often touted as clean,

An energy source that's somewhere in between.

A balancing act, we must achieve,

Between energy needs and the earth we leave,

Innovation and technology, a way to progress,

Towards a cleaner future, where we can rest.

Natural gas, a resource we can't ignore,

But with it, responsibility we must restore,

To protect our planet, our home and our land,

With a sustainable approach, hand in hand.


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