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Lindsey Wilson Gets Perfect Score in Accreditation

By Jared Turner and Evan Pike, Staff Writers

Lindsey Wilson College has recently achieved re-accreditation after a review by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) took place recently.

“We’re good for the next ten years,” said Dr. Michael Seale, assistant vice president for academic affairs.

Not only did LWC receive re-accreditation, but the report surprised campus officials.

“We had no recommendations, which is very unheard of,” said Seale.

Accreditation is received when a college or university can prove that they maintain the standards set aside by a particular agency. For Lindsey Wilson College, that agency is SACSCOC.

Seale attributed much of the success of the accreditation to LWC Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Patricia Parrish. He also noted that many others on campus played a key role in the preparations required by SACSCOC.

SACSCOC is the authority on accrediting colleges in the Southern states, including Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc.

Seale said that the accreditation won’t be officially announced until December, but LWC has already been informed of what the report contains.


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