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It's a Dog Love Dog World

By Maia Sapp, Staff Writer

Residents of SugarFoot Farms find solace from the hot sun under a shady tree. Photo Courtesy of SugarFoot Farms Facebook

SugarFoot Farm Rescue is a local non-kill refuge for dogs in Columbia, Kentucky. Every dog on the farm is either a stray or they have been surrendered by their owners. Peg Schaeffer co-owns the establishment alongside her husband Keith and they work hard to provide their rescues with the best life possible. 

LWC Freshman Reagan Cheatham holds a SugarFoot Farm rescue while volunteering for Malvina Farkle day.

Sugarfoot Farm is a nonprofit,100 percent volunteer organization. Their mission is to provide a safe, sanitary environment for rescued canines and eventually place them in a good home. Schaeffer specifically states that they do not allow dogs to be adopted to people who will not allow them to be a part of the family. She emphatically emphasizes that dogs must be allowed in the home and not chained outside. 

Visitors are allowed to watch the dogs interact and decide which one would be a good fit for them. Once a dog is selected, the potential adopters will be taken to an isolated area where the dog and adopter can meet. After selection, the adopter will sign a contract and pay a $50 adoption fee. This fee is due to the animal receiving health exams, vaccinations, and wormer. Additionally, all dogs are spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to adoption.

The Schaeffers have devoted their lives and their hearts to providing for the discarded canines of Columbia. They welcome those of the Lindsey Wilson College community to visit them in hopes of helping their puppies find their forever home. Those interested in adopting a dog from SugarFoot Farms can visit the property at 860 Sparksville Rd, Columbia, KY 42728.


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