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Introducing... the Campus Courier

Journalism at Lindsey Wilson College boasts a long and impressive history. Over the decades, the award-winning View and RaiderView newspapers were an integral part of the campus culture. But as times changed, so did the media platforms delivering the news. During a period known as "convergence" in the media industry, RaiderView became RaiderView Online and RaiderCast. Also during this time, students delivered news and feature content via popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now, students of the Media Studies Program are proud to announce a new and exciting direction for journalism and the creative arts at Lindsey Wilson College: The Campus Courier. Why Courier? As student staff member Haven Crawford explains, the name "courier" harkens back to a time when couriers were tasked to personally deliver news and messages to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. The staff felt the couriers of old brought a certain human quality to the news they delivered. What better reference was there to highlight their desire to bring a human touch to their endeavors in the digital realm?

Of course, the Campus Courier staff is keenly aware that quality content will be the key to gaining the trust and respect of its viewers and readers. Because of its small staff size and the inability to cover every bit of breaking news, staff of the Campus Courier will mostly feature what is called "long-form journalism." This type of content is characterized by somewhat longer stories that are more in-depth in scope than common deadline reporting. Content will also include videos, podcasts, photo essays and interactive features.

The Campus Courier will also have an exciting look. It features what is called a responsive layout, which means that it's designed to look just as good on a smartphone as it does on a full-sized computer screen. The staff deliberately chose an uncluttered design to make it easy to navigate and find stories of interest.

So, on behalf of Student Media Productions, we welcome you to the Campus Courier, the student-run online news journal of Lindsey Wilson College. Join us in the weeks ahead as we look at topics of interest to the campus community as the staff and publication grows.


David Goguen, Faculty Adviser

LWC Student Media Productions


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