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Diversity the Key to Success for LWC International Programs

By Júlia Secanell Ticó

Staff Writer

Lindsey Wilson College, located in Columbia, Kentucky, is not only known for its nice campus and strong academic programs but also for its vibrant and huge international student community. With a total student population of 3,954, the college has a lot of diversity, with 978 students originating from almost 50 different countries.

Sabine Eastham, Director of International Student Affairs at LWC, attributes the success of the international program to the effects of its diversity. According to a recent Facebook video, Eastham said students from various countries bring a rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences to campus life. This diversity fosters a dynamic and inclusive environment, promoting cross-cultural interactions and global understanding among students.

"...the close-knit community on campus creates a sense of belonging that resonates with students from around the world..."

Eastham said several factors, including the college's commitment to providing a supportive and welcoming environment, are what draws international students to LWC. She also said small class sizes allow for personalized attention, and that faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students succeed academically and socially. Additionally, the close-knit community on campus creates a sense of belonging that resonates with students from around the world.

Lindsey Wilson College offers unique programs that specifically attract international students, such as the Global Scholars Program. This initiative combines academic excellence with leadership development and community engagement, providing students with a well-rounded education.

The college's comprehensive international student support services, including language assistance and cultural integration programs, further contribute to the positive experience of international students.

To support the transition and integration of international students into campus life, Lindsey Wilson College provides a range of tailored support services. These include orientation programs, cultural workshops, and ongoing advising to help international students navigate the academic and social aspects of college life. The college's goal is to ensure that international students not only excel academically but also feel at home within the LWC community.

Sophomore Daniel Wytwer says that LWC’s well-rounded approach is the key to success of its international program. Wytwer, originally from Poland and a swimmer at the college, highlighted the competitive athletic programs and the balance between academics and sports as key attractions for international student-athletes.

Wytwer is very involved with the International House, a hub for cultural exchange and support, which adds another layer to the international student experience. He shared his experiences in organizing events that celebrate diverse cultures, facilitate language exchange programs, and contribute to the overall integration of international students into the campus community. Wytwer emphasized the importance of diversity within the international student community, creating a global network of friends and support, and having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Similarly, Salome Sposetti, a student-athlete and International Office contributor from Argentina, provided important insights into the international student experience. Sposetti, a tennis player, shared her role in assisting international students with various aspects of their college experience, from paperwork to organizing cultural events. Her involvement in the International Office and balancing academic, athletic, and work responsibilities contribute to the inclusivity of the international student community at LWC.

Natascha Evreinoff, who is also a student-athlete and peer mentor from Paraguay, discussed her role in assisting new international students in their transition to college life. As a peer mentor, Evreinoff organizes orientation sessions and cultural exchange events, which she says fosters a sense of community among international students.

Lindsey Wilson College's international student population is thriving, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to create a global community on campus. The college's commitment to providing a supportive environment, unique programs, and comprehensive support services ensures that international students not only succeed academically but also feel a sense of belonging and contribute significantly to the vibrant atmosphere at Lindsey Wilson College.


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