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A Spotlight on Lindsey Wilson College's Sports Information Director, Anthony Latessa

By Justin Stearns, Staff Writer

Anthony Latessa is entering his first full year as the head Sports Information Director (SID) at Lindsey Wilson College. As the head SID, Latessa says that he wants to make sure that he, and the rest of the sports information department does “the best to tell the stories of our student athletes.”

Latessa is from Youngstown, Ohio, and went to a small Division III college in Pennsylvania, where he played football. He graduated from Waynesburg University in 2016, in which he then went on to become a sports information intern here at LWC from 2016-2018. He then became a graduate assistant for the Mid South Conference from 2018-2020. After that, he became assistant commissioner of the Mid South from 2020 until 2023 and now he works as the Head SID for LWC and the Mid South Conference as well.

"Small college athletics are important to me."

“Small college athletics are important to me,” said Latessa when asked what led him back to LWC. Latessa said playing football at Waynesburg cultivated his love for small college athletics.

Sports information directors typically work in media, posting graphics, articles, and statistics for the athletes, coaches and fans to access and view.

“We do a little bit of everything,” said Latessa. He stated that the sports information department and everyone who works in it gets together on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming events, staffing for those events, and previews of those events.

They also cater to coaches, athletes and spectators needs, to ensure that the upcoming event is as convenient for them all as possible, and to make sure that the student-athletes feel as appreciated as possible for their efforts within their respective sports.

Latessa wishes to grow LWC athletics and the sports information department does their best to “push out content,” said Latessa, and it is their job to “keep up with the trends.”

If you visit the LWC Athletics page (, you will see a plethora of graphics, videos and links to all things Lindsey Athletics. All of that is done by Latessa and the folks at Sports information.

This roster of staff includes Joel Snyder, Associate Sports Information Director, Nico Antezana, Sports Information Graduate Assistant, and Sarah Johnson, Sports Information Intern.

Of all the hard work that Anthony Latessa and everyone in this department puts in there is always room for growth.

"We're good but we could be better."

“We’re good, but we could be better,” said Latessa when asked how he felt LWC’s sports information department compared to those in the rest of the conference and the nation.

Anthony Latessa, while just in his first full year, has already made strides to grow the media presence and popularity of Lindsey Wilson Athletics, and he plans on continuing this growth.


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