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A Day in the Life... From Dawn to Dusk, Lindsey Wilson College in Photographs

Before the sun rises on the campus of Lindsey Wilson College, students are busy preparing themselves for the day ahead. Whether it involves studying for a test, singing in the choir, or participating in an athletic event, these students often spend long hours working toward their goals. These photos provide a glimpse of life behind the scenes from the time just before dawn to the evening hours at the Columbia campus.

Eliza Hagens prepares herself in the morning for a full day of classes. Photo by Emma Harmon.

Lindsay Cox, a junior majoring in biology, finds a quiet spot to read her Bible in between classes. Photo by Adrian Ayala.

Kris Patel, a double major in biology and psychophysiology, works on an experiment in Melissa Clauson's Genetics class. Photo by Lindsay Cox.

Nolan Foushee, a criminal justice major, studies in his dorm before going to class. Photo by Justin Borden.

In the evening, after a long day of classes, an LWC student reflects on a day gone by. Photo by Adrian Ayala.


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